Telescopic brush up to 4.5 meters long


Clean all those hard-to-reach places in no time with this extendable water brush!


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Telescopic Shine Wash Brush / Retractable Water Brush – 4.6 meters with Soap Dispenser

With this telescopic water brush from Shine, all your outdoor cleaning jobs become so much easier! Thanks to the robust bristles and the built-in water brush, you can quickly and easily clean various surfaces.

robust bristles:
Cleaning at height has never been so easy. This extendable water brush consists of 4 parts that you can slide up to 4.6 m. Do you have green deposits on the walls or toads due to the weather? Thanks to the robust bristles, cleaning these surfaces is a breeze.

Easy water supply:
You can easily connect this telescopic water brush to the mains water supply. Thanks to the OGS connection, you can easily connect the brush to the connection piece with a garden hose. The water then flows through the handle directly into the brush. In addition, this handy brush comes with a soap dispenser, so you don’t have to constantly soap the surface. And to make the job even easier, you can put the brush in 3 different positions with the adjustable angle adapter. Get all that stubborn dirt off your walls and walkways and say goodbye to those buckets of soap and water. Revolutionize your cleaning today with the Telescoping Water Brush.

Ergonomic design:
Since this telescopic handle has a soft grip, it is comfortable and firm.
hand during cleaning. Especially when the stem is set to maximum length.
(4.6 meters) it’s good to keep control. Therefore, the soft grip is not only ergonomic
designed, but also increases the ease of use.

Shine is the solution for all your cleaning jobs.

  • Easy to connect to your garden hose (universal)
    4 extensible parts
    extendable telescopic handle
    water permeable stem
    Soap dispenser with dispenser button
    with soft grip
    resistant material

Additional information

Weight 0,4 kg
Dimensions 13,5 × 11,5 × 124 cm
Minimum length

1,3 m

Maximum length

4,6 m

brush size

29 x 7 x 10 cm


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