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No more wet and smelly shoes!

No more smelly and wet shoes. The Shine Shoe Dryer dries, deodorizes and cleans your shoes in no time. Whether you’re out for a walk, working out, or just ending up in a downpour, the Shine Shoe Dryer will keep your shoes in top condition. The shoe dryer is also ideal for, for example, restoring (boxing) gloves, socks, boots and slippers and even shin guards to their original condition.



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Advantages of the Shine shoe dryer
Hygienic, warm, fresh and dry shoes in 40 minutes
Eliminate bacteria with ozone technology
Heats up in minutes
Stops automatically
Automatic temperature regulation
Prevents spores of fungi and bacteria.
doesn’t make any sound
Shoes last (much) longer

The Shine Shoe Dryer also dries short boots, ski boots, athletic shoes, sneakers, leather shoes, and work boots. It is also nice to warm slippers and socks, especially in the cold months. If you play sports, the dryer can also be used to dry (boxing) gloves and shin guards.

The combination of bacteria and sweat makes your shoes smell bad. That is why it is important to clean and dry shoes every day. Ozone technology fights bacteria and fungi that cause odor in shoes. And with hot air the shoes dry inside. With the Shine Shoe Dryer, your shoes will be completely fresh and dry again in no time.

Wet shoes are a thing of the past
Most shoes dry in 30 to 40 minutes. In some cases it takes longer and that depends on the type of shoe and the amount of moisture in the shoe.
Experience now how comfortable, fresh and pleasant it is to put on fresh and dry shoes every day. Shine shoe dryer is delivered free to your home

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Dimensions 30,8 × 29,5 × 10 cm


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